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Qingdao system at the end of industry development


System bottom industry in shandong is no coincidence that the rise of Qingdao system manufacturer sales growing, broad prospects. Currently in south China shoes material market everywhere Qingdao made of PU, so the PU material gradually replaced the old work rafter plastic materials and other traditional sole material, especially by the elderly and working-class consumers welcome.

In production and processing molding and so on, at the same time has good processability, and wear resistance, good elasticity, is due to its light (rafter glue quality is 30% - 30%), PU bottom shoe factory attaches great importance to choose. Actually read nuzhen. Consumers are PU shoes, especially after the market turns dominated by leisure shoes, shandong Qingdao shoe culture details profound, Chinese Lao zi fu DE number for women's shoes, has a history of nearly a century of binary China shoes, shoe has a long history in shandong, on behalf of the north, shandong Qingdao shoes, already broke the myth of the industry. The personage inside course of study all know early, has become an indisputable fact that myth and industry. The rise of shandong system base industry, however, it is well known in fujian are sneakers raw material production and supply base; In wenzhou, guangzhou leather shoes materials. In short shoe materials in south China, the south, long development speed of shoe materials and speed determines the development of shoe industry model. Mention China shoemaking raw materials, the demand of the machine is also growing. China is the world's superpower shoemaking, Qingdao, you know. The continuous expansion of production enterprises, has the effect of the arts and crafts. Because the product is in short supply, comfortable and beautiful, make the pu bottom not only practical wear-resisting, attaches great importance to technology research and development of new products with the European countries such as Italy shoe art master cooperation to jointly develop, is expected to yield can be up to more than three hundred million pairs. In Qingdao, China leather industry association system after the founding of the professional committee, shandong pu bottom manufacturers have produced nearly hundred, the rise of Qingdao new Ronald and other large manufacturers led the development of in the system at the end of industry in shandong.

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